The High-tech equipment in vehicles are operated in moderate way. Sometimes temporary failure may happen when there is excessive use. However, this will not interfere with the safety of the vehicle and will not affect the payment of the contracted itinerary.

We are constantly maintaining our vehicles to eliminate such failures as much as possible.

Bravo Limo agrees to send the initiated vehicle as offered in the contract or reservation. We have the right to switch or upgrade the vehicles if there is any emergency involving our fleets. This will only happen if there is emergency. No additional charges will be delegated to customer if Bravo Limo upgrade the vehicle due to emergencies. Switching which occurs in the same category will not affect the contract or reservation or its payment.

There are many inevitable situations in which we don’t have full control on them. Sometimes, most situations are beyond the scope of our responsibility and control. If the limo is running 30 minutes or more late, the buyer/renter is eligible to request a full refund of the deposit instead of using the service.

Reimbursements are not offered for unforeseen situations mentioned above. Buyer / renter is eligible to file a lawsuits or make claims if injuries and other damages occur while using our limo service.

Bravo Limo have the right to terminate contract or reservation if buyer / renter does not follow chauffeur’s requests in order to obey the rules.

Chauffeur has the right to cancel the reservation / contract if any rule(s) is or are violated.

Bravo Limo has the right to cancel the contract or reservation without refund, if the dispatcher or operator on duty assesses that some party is putting the other party in danger.

As mentioned, buyer /  renter is in the possession of any illegal material will hold responsibility of his or her belonging. Bravo Limo reserves the right to cancel the order without refund. This is without exception.

Large bags (backpacks, luggage, etc) will be stored in the trunk of the vehicle while passengers are in transport. Keep in mind that not all limos come with trunk space.

Any and all damages that occur during the limo service used by the buyer /  renter and buyer / renter’s party are the responsibility of buyer / renter. All will be charged to the credit card.

If any member of the buyer / renter’s party becomes sick and vomits in the vehicle, $250 additional cleaning fee will be charged.

Bravo Limo will strictly enforce all State and Federal Laws.

The buyer/renter must be responsible for his or her guests/passengers.

Bravo Limo strictly prohibit the consumption of alcoholic drinks by any person not of legal drinking age (21).

Bravo Limo does not allow illegal drugs to be stored or consume inside the limo.

Contraband is not allowed to be brought by any person aboard vehicles which are operated by Bravo Limo.

No one is allowed to have sexual intercourse onboard Bravo Limo vehicles.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in our limousines.


After determining that one of the above policy is violated, Bravo Limo may terminate service to the client and will be deemed to have fulfilled its contractual obligations to clients under a written or oral agreement.


Client is fully responsible for his or her belongings left while he or she is in or out of our vehicles. Client will be charged for a delivery fee for returning belongings left in the vehicle. However, Bravo Limo will not take responsibility for any lost, stolen, or damaged belonging; Bravo Limo suggests that all and any personal matters be brought out from the vehicle when not present.


All deposits and payments are conducted via credit card the buyer/renter provides via phone / fax / email unless it is done personally.

The reservation of Bravo Limo vehicle is conducted after the credit card approval of the purchaser as per phone conversation / fax / email.

With or without a signed contract, holder of credit card contributes the authorization to use credit card information over the phone/fax/internet in combination.

The open balance is held right at the start of the job agreement all in CASH, no credit cards, personal or business checks will be accepted. Bravo Limo would not start the job if the buyer/renter has not paid the full amount of balance in CASH. We have the right to cancel the order due to risk of not getting paid. 2 weeks prior to prom date is the prime time pay all prom balance as noted in the contract. The exception can be done if there is any specific agreement conducted between buyer/renter and the Bravo Limo representative.

Buyer/renter should acknowledge that all payments / deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. In case there is inevitable cancellation from buyer / renter’s side, Bravo Limo would not refund or transfer all and any deposits (cash, checks or credit card authorization) for any reason. Bravo Limos representative will approve and sign the cancellation application written by the client. The buyer/renter needs to acknowledge that he or she will be responsible for the full

balance. Bravo Limo, however, will appear to pick up. 

If the cancellation is inevitable, all requests of cancellation will be received in writing and shall be signed and approved by our representative. No deposit will be refunded under the circumstance of cancellations conducted within 45 days. Contracts which are cancelled in less than 45 days will be responsible for the full amount of the balance due.

In the relation with the credit card dispute, the reservation will be cancelled with no refund. It happens if the reservation / contract is set for a future date.

If the cancellation is made after Bravo Limo chauffeur set off from our office for meeting point, the buyer/renter will be liable for the rest of the balance although no service is given; however, the buyer/renter is eligible to use the limo service provided by Bravo Limo for the rented hours.

As mentioned in the contract or reservation, any extra on the way is subject to extra fee. All of the information in the contract or reservation is binding and can not be modified without Bravo Limo representative authorization. If buyer/renter, for any reason, cancel contract or reservation after it is signed, Bravo Limo has the right to collect the rest of the balance in full. Bravo Limo will only discuss any details of the trip (including changes to contract or reservation) with customer who his or her name listed on the reservation. Customer can modify the reservation with Bravo Limo representative’s en bloc which is limited to locations, pick-up times, destinations, overtime, adding or upgrading amenities or vehicles. Initial booked fleets cannot be removed and/or downgraded from the contract or reservation. The duration of time agreed for the vehicle cannot be reduced by any reason.

Due to the dynamicity, Bravo Limo cannot guarantee the overtime availability. It is recommended that the buyer / renter lays aside for delays and attend to the fixed time schedule. The buyer / renter is eligible to change the time of the itinerary in one condition: if other clients served by Bravo Limo can be accommodated prior to / after the required time changing. The buyer / renter will agree to pay additional fees incurred such as overtime, parking tickets, etc. Cash need to be made when overtime. Payment should be conducted prior to overtime. Cash is given to chauffeur respectively. Bravo Limo clearly states the plausible deniability of the traffic condition during the fleet rental time and any delays caused by passengers’ direction to our chauffeur.

Airport overtime will be charged in 30 minute increments, each extra stop is charged $25 and up, extra stop in NY City will be charged $30 per stop. If customer is NO SHOW in the agreed pick-up location, the full amount of contracted time will be charged. Customer will be considered as NO SHOW after 45 minutes past the schedule. Customer is suggested to make a contact with chauffeur or staff in our office otherwise will be charged in full. NO SHOW is avoidable by contacting Bravo Limo or the chauffeur by phone at the beginning of the order. Bravo Limo is not responsible for the traffic condition during the fleet rental duration and any delays caused by passengers instruction toward the chauffeur.

In the respect of D.O.T. Regulations, some limos are equipped with emergency exits. Customers are allowed to use them only for emergency situation. Unnecessary opening of emergency exits will result in $1000 fine that will be automatically billed to buyer or renter.


(1) $ 10.00 for each cracked, broken or missing glass.
(2) $ 700.00 per damaged seat, $ 500.00 per damaged carpet, $ 750.00 per damaged mirror
(3) $ 100.00 minimum for extensive cleanup (spills, etc.), $50 for a gum in the carpet cleanup
(5) $ 200.00 shampoo and disinfecting (due to sickness interior), $ 150.00 detailing and wax (due to sickness-exterior)
(6) $ 500.00 minimum for each burn hole, rip or tear to upholstery
(7) $ 500.00 minimum for each act of vandalism
(8) $ 2000.00 opening a Car Door into another Vehicle or Stationary Object
(8) Triple charge of above listed amounts for all removed / stolen items from vehicle
(9) Downtime subject to loss of revenue, per each hour lost as stated in reservation / Bravo Limo